Fishing The Pool

"The Pool" opened for fishing in September 2004. It has been stocked with thousands of Carp, Chubb, Barbel, Ide and Tench - ranging from half a pound to ten pounds, but they are all growing very quickly. 

The Pool has become very popular venue for pleasure fishing, with the fish sizes increasing rapidly, the lake suits a large range of fishermen.

Unfortunately from 2013, we have stopped private clubs from booking the Pool for thier matches, due to high demand from our pleasure anglers, so you can rest assured the "The Pool" will always be open for pleasure fishing.

"The pool" is open for pleasure fishing everyday. We sell an evening ticket from 4.45pm onwards, but there is no addmission for anglers or visitors after 5pm.
"The Pool" has 28 swims, a large car park right next to it and unisex toilets, a sink and running hot & cold water.
Rules for Fishing The Pool
  • Strictly barbless hooks - maximum size 12, no braid main line.
  • No cars beyond the sign unless displaying a registered disabled Badge.
  • No fisherman on the banks before 7am Mar - Oct, 8am Nov - Feb.
  • No floating baits, boilies or nuts.
  • Only one rod/pole per person at any time.
  • Groundbait in feeders only.
  • Releasable Method Feeders only.
  • Sit on or by a designated swim.
  • Landing nets must be dipped in barrels provided and used for ALL fish.
  • Do not discard excess bait into the lakes at the end of your session, take it home.
  • No fly fishing.
  • No Bait Boats.
  • Sorry, no dogs allowed with day fisherman.
  • Take all litter home.
  • No children under 16 unless accompanied by an adult of 18+ years.
  • Maximum 2 children per adult.
  • No children visitors, sorry.
  • No keep-nets.
  • Owners reserve the right to ask fishermen to leave the premises if anglers do not abide by the rules, with no refund.
These rules are for the benefit and welfare of the fish and of other users, please read them and abide by them.
Opening Times
Between March 1st & October 31st 
7am till dusk or 9.30pm
(whichever is the sooner.)
Evening ticket starts from 4.30pm.
No admission after 5pm.
Between 1st November & 28th February -
8am till dusk.
How to Pay
On arrival you should pay for your day ticket in the Reception/Bait Shop. If the reception isn’t open then please pay at "The Hut" which is easily visible from the car park, it is also the location of the WC.
Simply enter your name and the amount you have paid into the duplicate book, retain the top copy for proof of purchase, fill in the details on the envelope and place fee in the envelope and post it in the box mounted on a pole between "The Hut" and the waters edge (details of how to pay are in The Hut too). We frequently check tickets and hooks.